After the Storm

A storm hits…your house is getting old…you’re building your dream home…and you need a roof. Who do you turn to? The yellow pages brings up 352 roofing contractors in the Boca Raton area alone. But which roofing contractor is the right one? You’ve heard the horror stories about roofs that have gone wrong, maybe you’ve lived that horror story. Since roofs are an expensive proposition, the following recommendations will assist in your search for a roofing contractor you can trust.

Picking The Right Roofer

Investigate the Contractor: Only use a roofing contractor who is properly licensed,  fully insured and bonded. Next, get a list of references from recent jobs, call at least two of them, and check out the work. Since a number of roofing contractors subcontract out the work, confirm that they are relying on their own employees. Get the numbers; get the facts. Information is key to your success.

Avoid Storm Chasers:  After a storm “fly-by-night” roofers driving unmarked trucks may go door to door soliciting work. Often promises are made with no intention of delivery and payment is required in advance. Don’t open your door.

After the summer storms in the South and Mid Atlantic region, the Better Business Bureau received hundreds of complaints from unhappy homeowners who hired these door-to-door solicitors. Typically, the homeowner would be told that their roof was severely damaged and their insurance company would likely pay the cost. A contract designating the contractor was signed and the insurance check signed over. Unfortunately, the job was either never finished, finished late, or the job was poorly done.

You want an established and secure roofing contractor. Check for a tax identification number, telephone number, permanent address, and get the contact information for their insurance company. They are good indicators the contractor is not a fly-by-night

Boca Raton Roofing Contractors

Get It In Writing: The full scope of work should be clearly set forth in the contract; this includes the cleanup as well as waste disposal. Additionally, any oral agreement should be memorialized in the written agreement. In particular, focus on the estimated cost of labor and materials, payment terms, and any guarantees or warranties. Keep in mind, warranties are of little use with a company that is out of business. Permanence is the key.

After The Storm Call Keystone Roofing Services, Inc.

Keystone Roofing Services, Inc., located in Boca Raton, Florida has been servicing Palm Beach and Broward counties for more than 30 years. Fully licensed, and insured, they pride themselves on offering quality work at a fair price. They are Boca Raton roofing contractors you can trust. Check them out and stay dry!

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